LeBron Gets the Kobe Shoe Treatment after Last Night’s Game (Pics)


Kobe Bryant squared off against LeBron James for what’s likely the last time in Cleveland last night. And though the Cavaliers won handily, Kobe was still feeling charitable, so he kicked over to LeBron a pair of gold Nike Kobe’s as a way of saying “Thanks, and good luck.”

It’s a gesture we’ve seen several times before, but one that’s still fun to witness.

It seems that LeBron was doing his best to completely ruin the moment by putting some blue stripes on half his shirt for no reason, but fortunately, not even that weird fashion move could undo the kind gesture.

Take a look:

Though these two never developed much of a rivalry, they’re pretty much contemporaries, so it’s sad to think that this was one of their final meetings. (They play once more, in Los Angeles on March 10.)

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