This Hilarious Priceline Ad Shows the Philosophical Differences Between David Robinson and Latrell Sprewell (Video)


In this quick Priceline ad, it’s nice to see an academic-looking David Robinson share his wisdom with a little girl. But it’s way more fun to see Latrell Sprewell share his rough outlook on life with that same girl. I hope not to give too much away, but suffice it to say that this Priceline video highlights the differences between the two player archetypes very nicely.

Ok. Enough half-assed analysis of the ad without giving anything away. Just watch it:

That’s a great quote from Spree. I like to think that they just showed up at a bar, and he was sitting there, doling out life advice.

They could have gone deeper into the dregs of the NBA by getting someone like Michael Olowokandi, but good luck tracking that guy down.

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