Seahawks DE Michael Bennett Takes Shot At Cam Newton While Receiving An Award

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After Super Bowl 50, everybody has been taking their shots at Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton & his sore loser attitude during the press conference that he cut short. He later admitted to being a sore loser in defending how he handled himself with the media after Super Bowl 50. 

Seattle Seahawks DE Michael Bennett was at the Paramount Theatre Wednesday night for the 2016 MTR Western Sports Star of the Year Awards. As he was accepting the 2016 Male Sports Star of the Year Award, he took a subtle shot at MVP Cam Newton.

I hope you guys aren’t sore losers like Cam Newton,” the Seahawks defensive lineman told the finalists nominated for the Male Sports Star of the Year honor. 

Bennett’s joke came during his acceptance speech, but afterward, backstage, he let loose another one-liner.

“There’s a lot of stars in this town,” he said. “I just happen to be the best one.”

“When you get awards from any other place outside your city it doesn’t mean as much,” he said. “When you get it from your city it makes a big difference.”


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