Cam Newton’s Mom Sent Him a Text Before the Super Bowl Telling Him “Don’t Let the Devil Win Over Your Words” (Pic)

cam newton's mom text message

Cam Newton has had a pretty bad week. On Sunday he turned in a terrible performance in the biggest game of his life, then walked out of his post-Super Bowl press conference after just three minutes. Ever since then he’s been buried under the weight of 10,000 hot takes, most castigating him for his so-called selfishness and lack of class.

Of course, most of this criticism is pretty excessive. Nobody ripped Peyton Manning or called him a classless bum when he ran off the field and refused to congratulate Drew Brees after losing Super Bowl XLIV. And a lot of people seem perfectly willing to ignore the fact that Cam went up to Peyton and gave him a hug and a smile after Super Bowl 50:

cam newton congratulates peyton manning super bowl 50
Still, Cam would have avoided the controversy this week if he had simply heeded the advice his momma gave him before the big game—the very advice he posted on Instagram for all to see.

Check it out:


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“Hot and cold water comes out of different fountains. You are either hot or cold. You have a big platform. Which fountain are you?”

I’m not entirely sure whether cold or hot water is the devil’s water in this analogy. But I’m pretty sure Cam Newton’s mom would agree her son could have spoken a few more “positive words.”

Then again, nobody’s perfect. We’re all a work in progress. So we should probably cut Cam some slack.

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