Guiness Surprises J.J. Watt with His Own Beer During Trip to Dublin (Pics)

watt beer

J.J. Watt may not have been around for much of the playoffs, losing 30-0 in the wild card game to the Chiefs, but he DID win a third defensive player of the year award, which I suppose is reason enough for celebration.

A few days after the Super Bowl, Watt and nine of his best friends from high school flew to Dublin for their annual buddies trip, and the Texans star got quite a surprise when he arrived at the Guinness Brewery.

He got his very own beer. As best we can tell, this won’t be hitting shelves any time soon, but it has some pretty cool branding, nonetheless:

It looks like a pretty good time, and an awesome destination for a guys’ trip. It’s also fitting that it comes so soon in the off-season. I’m guessing Watt gives himself five days off after the Super Bowl, before getting back to training for the next season.

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