Eli Manning Talks About the Ways Peyton Used to Torment Him

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Older brother are almost always finding ways to pick on their younger bros.  It’s human nature.

So it should come as no surprise to learn that Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning use to pick on his younger brother (by five years), New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

During a recent interview with PTF Live, Eli detailed the events of their childhood:

“You know they were pretty nice to me,” Eli said. “I think the biggest thing they did, mostly Peyton because you know Cooper is older than him, [Cooper] would pick on [Peyton]. So I come along, I’m gonna take it. So [Peyton] would pin me down, you know, put his knees on my arms. He’d just start knocking on my chest until I named at the the time the 28 teams in the NFL. So I got smart eventually I could rip those off pretty quickly. We went college divisions, different things and then if he just wanted to make me cry he’d say, ‘Name ten brands of cigarettes.’ I’m like, ‘I’m seven years old I haven’t started smoking cigarettes quite yet,’ but that’s when I’d just start yelling for mom.”

Gosh darnit, Peyton. That just ain’t right.

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