Emmitt Smith: “If Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Break Rushing Record, Not Sure Who Will”


Former Dallas Cowboys RB Emmitt Smith has been the NFL’s all-time leading rusher for 13 years now and with teams using RB’s less and less these days, he may stay there for a very long time. Most think Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson may be the only one currently who could get close to doing it including the HOF RB Emmitt Smith.

Emmitt sat down with ESPN’s staff writer, Jean-Jacques Taylor to discuss this very thing:

“If he doesn’t get it, I don’t know who’s going to get it,” Smith said. “He’s still got a lot of yards to go. I’m not going to lie to you.”

Adrian Peterson is currently 6,680 yards behind the all-time mark. He turns 31 years old in March. Jim Brown held the NFL rushing record for 21 years and Walter Payton kept it for 18. Peterson is the only player in the NFL right now with a realistic opportunity to break Smith’s record of 18,355 yards.

Not too many running backs run the ball as much as Peterson does anymore as he was the only RB to to have over 300 rushing attempts in 2015.

“It’s a reflection of the changing times in terms of how they value the running back position and how the game has changed into a running back-by-committee approach,” Smith said. “It could be because of the CTE stuff, it could be because of how offenses use spread formations vs. the I-formation and it could be the way they rotate players in and out.”

“It’s somewhat sad,” he said, “because I know as a running back it’s hard to get that continuity and get in the flow of the game when you’re getting 15 carries a game. I didn’t even get rolling until I got 15 carries a game.”


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