New York Daily News Drops Article On Peyton Manning’s Sketchy Past

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WOW, shots fired early Saturday Morning as Shaun King of New York Daily News dropped court documents and all on Peyton Manning & his family about how they went to great lengths to protect his image after an alleged sexual assault that happened while he was at the University of Tennessee.

Peyton Manning and his past has been a topic of discussion since early reports linking him to the use of HGH.

“But as his career winds down, we’re left to grapple with the reality that there is credible evidence that Peyton and the Manning family knowingly, willingly, wantonly ruined the good name and career of Dr. Jamie Naughright, a respected scholar, speaker, professor, and trainer of some of the best athletes in the world,” King writes.

The most shocking part of the article detailed here:

On Feb. 29 of that year, Naughright, at that point the university’s director of health and wellness, was in a training room, examining what she thought might be a possible stress fracture in Manning’s foot. At 6 feet, 5 inches, his feet dangled off the edge of the table. Manning allegedly then proceeded to scoot down the training table while Naughright examined his foot. At that point, she said, he forcefully maneuvered his naked testicles and rectum directly on her face with his penis on top of her head. Shocked, disgusted, and offended, Naughright pushed Manning away, removing her head out from under him. Within hours, she reported the incident to the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Knoxville.

Court documents:

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