Report: ESPN Informs Employees NOT To Discuss Peyton Manning Story


It was early Saturday morning when Shaun King of New York Daily News dropped a bombshell on the sports world & released 74-pages of court documents detailing sexual assault allegations that were leveled against Peyton Manning when he was at the University of Tennessee in 1996. Now these documents aren’t new, just were never released during the social media era, so it gained no traction back then.

Basically, it detailed how Peyton Manning teabagged and mooned a female trainer and subsequently ruined her career after the incident. The term “teabagging,” refers to a man placing his exposed buttocks and testicles on the face of another person.

Dennis and Callahan of WEEI radio stated on twitter they spoke to an ESPN employee and they were told not to discuss anything about the article released on Saturday.


Is it favoritism by the world wide leader in sports? Only time will tell.

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