Drake Was Rocking a Very Gaudy ‘Farewell, Mamba’ Jacket at the All-Star Game (Pic)


As was discussed time and time again, this yesterday’s All-Star game was the final one for NBA legend Kobe Bryant. So, needless to say, he’s got fans coming out of the woodwork left and right to celebrate his career. It should be no surprise that among their ranks was Drake, who put on a “Farewell, Mamba” leather jacket that would have looked right at home on an early-80s street gang member or on Ahmad Rashad on an early 90s episode of NBA Inside Stuff.

It’s a nice, tongue-in-cheek gesture, but at the same time a very questionable move. That’s the type of coat that you can’t really wear more than one, lest you get known as “The Guy in the Leather Kobe Jacket.”

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