Dwyane Wade’s Gift to Kobe Bryant was a One-Year Netflix Subscription

NBA All-Star Game 2016

This past weekend will forever be a memorable one for Kobe Bryant, who took part in his 18th and final NBA All-Star Game.  To celebrate the occasion with their longtime friend and opponent, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade rented out a Toronto restaurant and hosted a private “Gentleman’s Supper Club,” as they called it.

And during the event, they shared memories with the retiring Lakers legend, as well as a few gifts. Via the AP:

“Wade gave him a customized robe and some other clothes bearing his logo — along with a one-year subscription to Netflix, because Bryant is about to have a lot of time on his hands.”

I hope Bryant likes to “Netflix and chill.”

Paul and Anthony also had some interesting gifts for the Black Mamba:

“Paul gave him a bunch of presents that he said would properly prepare Bryant for retirement, such as dental adhesive, reading glasses, compression socks and a cane. Anthony offered a magnum of Gaja Barbaresco, Italian wine for the player who grew up in Italy and says much like vino itself he got better with age.”

Kobe better remember to claim all of his gifts at customs.

Hat Tip – [AP]


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