#Bagsearch2016 Is Back: Andy Dalton Lost His Luggage for the Second Time this Week (Tweets)

andy dalton #bagsearch2016

Last week, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton was driving to the airport in Dallas/Forth Worth with his wife when two of their bags flew out of the bed of his truck. So Dalton did what any famous person would do: he asked Twitter to help him find the bags.

Before long #bagsearch2016 was trending nationally, and we had the most asinine (yet entertaining) Twitter event of 2016 on our hands.

Needless to say, many a joke was made at Dalton’s expense.

But a few people took the opportunity to make fun of other NFL quarterbacks.

Eventually, though, some dude named Robert tweeted this:

And that led to this happy reunion:

Amazingly, though, the reunion was short-lived. On Sunday, just five days after #bagsearch2016 first unfolded, Dalton took to Twitter to announce that, thanks to American Airlines, #bagsearch2016 was back:

Unfortunately, just like Zoolander 2, #bagsearch2016 Part 2 wasn’t nearly as good as the original. American got back to Dalton about 20 minutes later.

Still, though, not a great week for Andy Dalton’s luggage.

Hat Tip – [Cincinnati Enquirer]

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