This Aaron Gordon Claymation Dunk Is Both Stupid and Terrific (Video)

Aaron Gordon claymation dunk

When you announce that you’re going to re-create something in claymation, no one expects it to be “good.” They expect your best effort, which will probably be sh*t. BUT, if you’re in on the joke, then you can use your lack of claymation talents and the lowered expectations to create something truly special, like this Aaron Gordon dunk:

MAGIC #dunkcontest

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To be honest, I can’t tell the difference between good claymation and bad claymation. But I can discern funny claymation, and this is funny.

Bonus points if it took over 40 hours of work to get this thing done. The characters are pretty sharp-looking, and licensing an R. Kelly song* can’t be cheap.


* The song WAS licensed properly, wasn’t it?


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