Blake Griffin Apology: Clippers Star Speaks to Media, Apologizes for Punching Equipment Manager (Video)

blake griffin speaks to media apologizes for punching equipment manager blake griffin apology

Blake Griffin has not said a word to the media since he broke his hand on the face of Los Angeles Clippers equipment manager Mathias Testi back on January 23. He’s been spotted by the media. But he hasn’t spoken to them.

The official reason for his silence is that he’s been away from the team since undergoing surgery on his broken hand, and it would be inappropriate for Griffin to speak to the media while the NBA and the Clippers were investigating the incident and trying to determine a punishment. Unofficially it’s because Griffin knew his first media session was going to be brutal.

Reporter 1: “Blake, that was a really stupid, immature thing you did. Take us through your thought process?”

Griffin: “Well, you see, I guess I just thought it would be cool if everybody on the internet was making fun of me!”

Reporter 2: “Hey Blake, same questions, different wording.”

Griffin: “Like I said, ditto.”

Of course, Griffin was running out of excuses to avoid the media. The Clippers finally issued their suspension last week, and he is now back with the team. So on Tuesday, Griffin faced the music and spoke to the media.

Wisely, he used up the first minute of the four-minute session to issue another formal public apology. But he still had to spend a lot of time talking about what an idiot he is.

Take a look:

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