Did Chandler Parsons Sleep With Johnny Manziel’s Ex, Colleen Crowley?

Chandler Parsons Colleen Crowley

It’s been a rough year for Johnny Manziel, which culminated in a domestic altercation with ex-girlfriend Colleen Crowley on January 30th that led to a police helicopter chase and a ruptured eardrum for Crowley.

What led to last month’s violent incident?  The obvious answers are alcohol, possibly some drugs, immaturity, and an utter lack of respect for women.  However, according to Terez Owens, there may be another factor contributing to Johnny Manziel’s violent outburst.

Via TO:

We’re hearing that jealousy caused Johnny Football to go Johnny Bananas. Jealous of who you ask? Only the NBA’s elite male model, Chandler Parsons. Our insider tells us Manziel firmly believes Chandler Parsons slept with his then Girlfriend Coleen Crowley.

That’s still no excuse for Johnny Manziel’s actions, but what makes this rumor that much more interesting is the fact that when Colleen first met Manziel, Chandler Parsons was actually dating her sister, Robyn Crowley.

If the rumors are true, does this mean Johnny gets to [email protected]#k Robyn in order to even things out?

Hat Tip – [Terez Owens]

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