Patriots fans Create Petition To Revoke Peyton Manning’s Accomplishments

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the last few weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard the hot topic of the NFL offseason so far. A 20-year old story of then Tennessee Vols QB Peyton Manning ‘Teabagging’ or putting his testicles on a female trainers head. Clearly, a bunch of salty New England Patriots fans who watched their team get eliminated by the Manning-lead Broncos en route to a Super Bowl 50 win want to take away ALL his accomplishments because of the Teabagging.

The salt is so heavy that they created a petition to get the mission accomplished, it reads as:

“Earlier this morning, 2/13/16, reporter Shaun King released an article (including court documents) that describes how Peyton sexually assaulted a renowned and accomplished trainer, covered it up, and then ruined her career in the process. This included a book full of LIES and DEFAMATION of said trainer (which oh by the way is still on sale). Peyton will most likely retire after winning his second Super Bowl earlier this month, but the integrity of his career is now in question due to this scandal and the ongoing investigation of his HGH scandal. If he retires, the league cannot discipline Peyton, which is very sad and ethically wrong. Peyton deserves to be disciplined and if the league can’t or won’t do it, a petition should. That is why this petition calls for all of Peyton’s career accomplishments and records to be stripped from him simply because he does not deserve it! This petition’s goal is to receive one MILLION signatures to show the NFL we mean buisness” 

Read the entire petition here!

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