Redditor Makes Compilation of All 64 NBA Slam Dunk Contest Perfect Scores (Video)

Zach LaVine dunk contest champ

A lot of people have been saying the 2016 edition of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest was the greatest of all time. And you know what? They’re absolutely right.

This year eight dunks received a perfect score. How good is that?

Well, before this year there had never been more than five perfect scores in a single competition, let alone by one man. Michael Jordan had three perfect scores in 1988, Vince Carter had three in 2000, Jason Richardson had three in 2003, and Josh Smith had three in 2005. This year Aaron Gordon had three perfect scores and he was just the runner up. Repeat champion Zach LaVine had five.

As it happens, there were five perfect scores every year from 1985 through 1988, when MJ and Dominique Wilkins battled for air supremacy in what is still the greatest rivalry in the history of the contest. However, the majority of the dunks that received perfect scores from that era would be downright pedestrian by today’s insane standards.

Don’t believe it? I’ll prove it. Or, more accurately, redditor ThisIsMyFavoriteSub will prove it. He made a complitation of every perfect score in the history of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest, and it is absolutely fantastic.

Check it out:

Could the old guys have done the stuff the new guys are doing? Probably. And the young guys wouldn’t be here today without the trailblazers.

Still, you’ve got to give credit to guys like Vince Carter and Zach LaVine. They took the art of the dunk to whole new levels.

Hat Tip – [reddit]

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