Darren Woodson Tells Story On How A Butt Naked Michael Irvin Trash Talked Rookies (Video)

If only social media was around during the 90’s like it is now when those Championship Cowboys’ teams who had a locker room full of characters were running rampant. Number one person who would have been trending on Twitter for sure is WR Michael Irvin, who once famously hurled trash cans at reporters.

Former defensive back and now ESPN analyst Darren Woodson told Russillo & Kanell about the first time he met Irvin during a rookie film session.

“There’s a guy at the door, happened to be Michael Irvin, never met Michael Irvin, first time ever meeting Michael Irvin. Comes through the door, he’s butt-naked—not a towel on, no socks, no jockstrap, just butt-naked. Walks in and says, ‘You young fellas, all you 4.2s, and 4.3s Jimmy [Johnson] drafted, I am going to absolutely kill you when we come in for veteran mini-camp.'”

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