Mike Tyson Dressed Up Like Clubber Lang is as Great as it Sounds (Pics)

Mike-Tyson-dressed-similar-to-A-Team-character-Mr-T-outside-Jimmy-Kimmel-Live (2)

Mike Tyson might be taking the self-parody stage of his career to amazing new highs (lows?). The former heavyweight champ made an appearance on his pal Jimmy Kimmel’s TV show, and showed up decked out as Rocky III‘s Clubber Lang, complete with a too-tall mohawk.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the actual video of the skit, since it hasn’t aired yet, but we do have these pics, as well as reports that Tracy Morgan was dressed up as the same character. Oh, and there’s some pics of Morgan in Clubber Lang cosplay as well, which is just as awesome.

Take a look:

Mike Tyson gets all dressed up for Jimmy Kimmel


Mike-Tyson-dressed-similar-to-A-Team-character-Mr-T-outside-Jimmy-Kimmel-Live (1)


Mike-Tyson-dressed-similar-to-A-Team-character-Mr-T-outside-Jimmy-Kimmel-Live (2)





Yup. Those will do just fine. It looks like before and after pics of the fictional character, but I suppose we’ll need to wait for the skit to figure out what’s really going on.