Floyd Mayweather Is Dating an 18 Year-Old from England (Pics + Videos)

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As if he knew that people were no longer talking about what a creep he was, Floyd Mayweather has reminded everyone after debuting his new girlfriend, 18 year-old Raemarni Ball, on social media.

Of course, Mayweather’s last public relationship ended with him (allegedly?) punching his ex-wife Josie Harris and serving two months in jail, so…keep your guard up, Raemarni.

According to reports (via Mirror), Ball comes from a low-income family, but has quickly adapted to Mayweather’s lifestyle, flying around in his jet and appearing in photos wearing fancy dresses and whatnot. It’s not exactly clear how they met, though she wrote the following on her Instagram regarding a trip to see her older sister in America:

Floyd Mayweather made me and my family feel so comfortable. Thank you.”

Gross? Gross.

Here are some pics and videos of the couple together:

@floydmayweather made me and my fam feel so comfortable Thankyou ❤️

A video posted by @rmarni on


A photo posted by @rmarni on

Selfies @floydmayweather @pictureliss #tmt A photo posted by @rmarni on

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