Denny Hamlin Predicted His Daytona 500 Win When He Was In Grade School (Pic)

Denny Hamlin Wins Daytona 500

When most of us were kids, I’m sure we left all sorts of paper trails about wanting to be astronauts, the president, pro athletes, or some other laughably ambitious career. If we were to come across those documents now, we’d probably be a little embarrassed and a lot frustrated about how our lives turned out.

Not Denny Hamlin, though. He’s got a string of school projects documenting his desire to not only be a professional race car driver, but a Daytona 500 champion.The cool thing for him is that he DID win the Daytona 500 (in one of the closest races ever), so he just comes across as a very prescient, confident kid.

Here’s the Tweet with the picture:

Sounds like he knew what he was going to do with his life from a very young age. Must be nice.

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