Gronk Offered Couple $10K to “Bang in Front of Everybody” on Gronk Party Ship (Video)

gronk party ship $10k to bang in front of everybody

This weekend marked the maiden voyage of the Gronk Party Ship, which is just like the Gronk Party Bus, only it’s a boat. So instead of taking a handful of Rob Gronkowski fans to, like, the ESPYs or something, the Gronk Party Ship took a bunch of fans—and Flo Rida—from Miami to a private island somewhere in the Bahamas.

Can you guess what that island is called? Yeah, that’s right. Gronk Island.

As you would expect from a four-day boat party hosted by Rob Gronkowski and his family, there was a lot of shirtless dancing and twerking on this little cruise.

However, there was also Flo Rida teaching old ladies how to dab on the beach:

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And there was a couple getting engaged:

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And, last but not least, there was Gronk offering to pay two people to have sex with each other. On the beach. In front of everybody:

Knowing Gronk, he was probably talking to two chicks. But I’m going to pretend he was talking to the couple that just got engaged, and that they took him up on the offer.

What can I say? I’m a romantic.

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