These Kobe Bryant Superfans Danced Up a Storm in Chicago (Video)

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With Kobe Bryant being such a big star and all, of course there are going to be some insanely devoted fans who are trying to make the most of his few remaining games this season.

Enter the Kobe Superfans. According to legend, these guys quit their jobs so they could see as many (all?) of the games on the Kobe farewell tour. What’s most amazing is that these aren’t dudes from Orange County or LA tracking him down. Nope. These guys are from Italy.

Anyway, they attended Sunday’s Bulls-Lakers game to send off the Lakers guard, and they manage to make their presence known with some pretty sweet dancing.

Check it out:

Oh, and here’s their life story:

And their life story in video format:

Hope this doesn’t bankrupt them. At least the Lakers aren’t making it to the playoffs. That could get VERY expensive.

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