Pittsburgh Pirates Pitchers Test Out MLB’s Goofy-Looking Pitching Helmets (Video + Pics)

pittsburgh pirates pitching helmets

There has been a surge in pitchers getting hit by line drives over the last several years, from Brandon McCarthy and J.A. Happ to Dan Jennings and Bryan Mitchell. Whether this is just a fluke or the result of changes to the game remains to be seen. But at the rate we’re going it’s only a matter of time before a line drive to the face ends somebody’s career—or worse. So MLB and the MLBPA had to start looking at ways to make pitchers safer.

Of course, the most obvious solution would be to have pitchers wearing batting helmets in the field, John Olerud-style. However, batting helmets are too cumbersome for pitchers and might throw off their mechanics. So MLB and the MLBPA have worked with a California-based company called Boombang to come up with a lightweight cap-helmet hybrid. And over the weekend, Pittsburgh Pirates pitchers Mark Melancon and Jared Hughes became the first pitchers in MLB to try them out.

The good news? According to Hughes the new pitching helmets feel exactly like a hat:

The bad news? They look exactly like the headgear Princess Leia and company wore on Endor in Return of the Jedi:

princess leia models new pittsburgh pirates pitching helmets
But at the end of the day, fashion is relative. If every pitcher starts wearing these goofy-looking helmets, we’ll all get used to them in a few years.

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