Here Are Some Crazy Interviews With Attendees of the Rob Gronkowski Party Boat (Video)


What kind of person attends a cruise thrown by the Patriots hard-partying TE Rob Gronkowski? We could just imagine that it would be misguided party animals and misguided Patriots fans competing to determine which group is the most obnoxious in international waters.

I’m not saying we were wrong, but there’s now no need to speculate as we get firsthand interviews with people on the boat itself. Take a look, and see if you had a better weekend than these folks did:

So…not to ruin the surprise, but it’s mostly women looking to sleep with Gronk, and men who have heterosexual crushes (and probably a few gay ones) on the Pats TE.

All in all, I’m sure it was a weird scene, that was fun to witness for about an hour, then totally creepy.

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