Yankees Tell Players To Be Less Like Cam Newton, More Like Russell Wilson


Seems like everybody is taking their shots at Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton after he sulked and left a press conference quickly after losing in Super Bowl 50. He didn’t make it any better by explaining how he’s a sore loser in the following days which opened him up to more criticism.

The New York Yankees don’t seem to be a fan of the way he handled himself and they wanted their players to know how to act accordingly when dealing with a big loss. So they showed them Cam Newton’s presser from this year and Russell Wilson’s presser from last year.

“During the Yankees’ media training, the Super Bowl is being used to portray the right and wrong way to act. Part of a video shown to pitchers and catchers compares how Cam Newton handled his Super Bowl loss to the way Russell Wilson dealt with his defeat the previous year.”

No word on how the evil empire views Marshawn Lynch‘s way of handling the media from last year. “I’m just here so I don’t get fined.”

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