Former NFLer Austen Lane Reveals Craziest Combine Questions He Was Asked Via Twitter

Austen Lane

Austen Lane was never a household name during his five-year stint in the NFL, but the former Jags, Chiefs, Lions and Bears defensive end was still taken in the fifth round of the 2010 NFL Draft.  And he took part in the 2010 NFL Draft Combine.  So the man knows a thing or two about what types of questions prospects can expect to be asked while conducting interviews with interested teams.

Earlier today, Lane took to Twitter to give all future NFL prospects a heads-up as to what they can expect during their combine interviews.  Some of the questions are pretty outrageous, and, appropriately enough, he accompanied each with a suitable gif.

Here’s the rundown:

My answers, in order from top to bottom, are “No,” “Huh?,” “Duh,” “Gun,” “Boxer-briefs.” What are yours?

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