Somebody Made a Dion Waiters Lowlight Video from Sunday’s Thunder-Cavs Game and Set to “My Heart Will Go On” (Video)

dion waiters lowlight video

I feel bad for Dion Waiters. He’s not efficient at all, and he has been mostly incapable of adapting his game to different systems, but he’s a pretty decent offensive player, and most guys of his ability level just go about their business without anybody making fun of them. Waiters’ problem is that the Cleveland Cavaliers were stupid enough to select him fourth overall in the 2012 NBA Draft—despite the fact that he was not a starter at Syracuse, and despite the fact that he only ever played a zone defense. So nobody passes up an opportunity to point out what a bad pick he was.

That said, you can’t help but laugh when a professional athlete plays as poorly as Waiters did on Sunday against his former team. The guy went 1-8 from the field, 0-3 from behind the arc, played horrendous defense, and gave us one of the most hilarious travelling calls you’ll ever see.

In fact, Waiters’ performance against the Cavs was so bad that a reddit user by the name of Bootum made a Dion Waiters lowlight video set to “My Heart Will Go On”—by Celine Dion, get it?—and the thing is two-and-a-half minutes long.

Check it out:

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Like I said, I do feel bad for Waiters. But funny is funny.

I just hope he can look back on this game a few months from now and have a laugh.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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