Marshawn Lynch Showed Hugh Jackman How to Play Football in Oakland on Saturday (Videos)

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Hugh Jackman was in the Bay Area over the weekend promoting his new film about underdog British ski jumper Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, so he made a stop at Marshawn Lynch‘s football camp in Oakland on Saturday.

What does Marshawn Lynch’s football camp have to do with promoting a movie about a ski jumping? Nothing, really. But Jackman did his best to draw a connection:

“I’m a fan of his and it was great,” Jackman said. “You know it’s great seeing him give back at this point of his career. I’m a big sports fan. I love being in a movie like this. You know Taran plays Eddie so well. And he’s a different kind of hero. You know he had no support, he had no money, he had no one really backing him or believing him…and yet he just followed his dreams. And he did it his way, not dissimilar to Marshawn.”

Clearly a bit of a stretch. Coming out of high school in 2004 Marshawn Lynch was the #2 running back in the country after Adrian Peterson. He was drafted 12th overall by the Bills back in 2007, he won a Super Bowl, and he was a five-time Pro Bowler. So you know, pretty much everyone believed in Marshawn every step of the way.

Sure, when it came to the media, Marshawn did it “his own way.” But on the whole I’d say he and Eddie the Eagle are in fact pretty dissimilar.

That said, you really couldn’t blame Jackman if he just wanted to hang out with Marshawn Lynch. The dude is cool AF. Worse case scenario you get to learn football from Beast Mode. Best case scenario you get to eat some delicious chicken wings from Marshawn’s private reserve.

And as for us, we get this awesome clip of Lynch telling Jackman, “THIS IS GOING TO BE DIFFERENT THAN RUGBY, MATE!”

Check it out:

Hopefully this results in Marshawn getting a role in Wolverine 3. Because obviously that would be amazing.

Hat Tip – [NBC Bay Area, CBS Sports]

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