Homeless Man Who Beat Up D-Bag Attacker Is Allegedly Former NFL Player Chris Brymer (Video)

chris brymer homeless man beats up guy who sucker punched him

A homeless man who beat the crap out of a low-life douchebag who had attacked him for no reason is believed to be former NFL player Chris Brymer.

Brymer was an offensive lineman at USC from 1995 to 1997. After that he played briefly for the Rheine Fire of NFL Europe and was an offseason member of the Dallas Cowboys in 1999 before playing for the Los Angeles Xtreme of the short-lived XFL in 2001. Upon giving up on pro football, Brymer founded a mortgage loan company called CMG Capital. However, not long after that Brymer started suffering from bouts of anger, paranoia, and delusions. By 2005 he’d lost his business, his wife, and his two houses, and in 2010 he was involved in an assault outside a soup kitchen.

The new video in question shows a group of men apparently trying to pick a fight with a homeless man at a Victorville, California, bus shelter. However, when one of the men sucker punches the homeless man in the face, he gets an absolute beatdown.

Take a look:

According to a number of people on social media, the homeless man is Brymer. But it’s unclear whether this claim is based on actual knowledge of the incident or the fact that the homeless man handled himself the way you’d expect a former NFL lineman to handle himself.

The video is certainly inconclusive. Here’s a side-by-side comparison with a photo taken back in 2010:

chris brymer

What do you think, internet? Is it Brymer?

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