This James Harden-to-Dwight Howard Alley-Oop Fail is Great Comedy (Video)

James Harden to Dwight Howard

This play had so much hope when it began. Dwight Howard set a perfect pick, handed the ball off to James Harden, then went to the rim. At one moment, both players actually had easy opportunities to score, with Harden staring at an open shot from the free-throw line, and Howard headed to the bucket with no one on him…

And that’s when it happened.

Harden tossed up what appeared to be something between a shot and a pass, while Dwight Howard did…well, he didn’t do much at all. He just watched the ball bounce off the backboard, before looking back at Harden with his palms raised in the air, as if to say, “WTF?”

It was all pretty hilarious. And to make matters even worse, the Rockets eventually lost to the Jazz, 117-114, in overtime.

These two clearly can no longer co-exist.

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