Will Someone Remind Josh Smith (and the Refs) That He Only Has One Pivot Foot? (Video)

josh smith

I don’t know who’s more to blame here: Josh Smith or the ref who turned a blind eye to the dozen little stutter steps that the Houston Rockets forward managed to sneak into a possession with no dribbles.

Just kidding. I blame the ref. It’s the players’ job to do dumb stuff like this, and it’s the ref’s job to blow the whistle on that sh*t.

Take a look at the video here, and try not to dry heave:

This play reminds me of when I was little and thought that I could alternate pivot feet to twist and turn my way down the court without dribbling. It wasn’t a good look then, and it’s even worse on a pro NBA player. He should know better.  And so should the ref.

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