Badass 68-Year-Old MMA Grandma Takes on 24-Year-Old Oppponent…And Takes a Beating (Video)

badass 68-year-old mma grandma takes beatdown from 24-year-old opponent

Last weekend in Colorado, a 68-year-old woman took on a 24-year-old woman in a fight for MMA promotion Sparta Combat League, and it was simultaneously inspiring and terrifying.

It was inspiring because it showed without a doubt that age is just a number. It was terrifying because, despite a solid outing from the 68-year-old woman, the fight nevertheless ended with the 24-year-old woman straddling her and punching her repeatedly in the head.

So who is MMA grandma? Her name is Ann Perez, and though she is literally a grandmother, she’s hardly some soft, cookie-making cheek-pincher. Perez has an extensive background in combat sports, and is way more fit than your average 38-year-old male, let alone your average 68-year-old female. According to her pre-fight introduction, her goal was to prove you don’t have to be limited by your age. Which is awesome.

Unfortunately, while Perez may be incredibly fit and young at heart, her reflexes are still those of someone approaching 70. So her 24-year-old opponent, Laura Dettman (3-2), dispatched her with relative ease.

Take a look:

The good news is that Perez didn’t appear to suffer any major damage. She was up and walking around afterward and even posed for a nice photo with Dettman:

ann perez de tejada mma grandma

More power to you, MMA grandma.

Hat Tip – [MMA Mania]

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