Floyd Mayweather: “Doesn’t Matter Who I Beat, People Will Always Make Excuses”

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Floyd Mayweather’s last professional fight was against Andre Berto in 2015, which he won easily like most of his fights which is why he is 49-0. Now retired, Floyd says it doesn’t matter who he fights, people will always make excuses as to why he keeps winning no matter what. Even if he comes out of retirement and fights Gennady Golovkin (GGG) and wins, people will still make excuses as to why he won.

Per FightHype.com:

Once I fought and beat everybody, first it was, ‘Mayweather was scared of this guy!’ What I do? I beat him! ‘Mayweather’s scared of that guy!’ I beat him! ‘Mayweather’s scared of this guy!’ I beat him! 

It’s getting to a point that, if me and Triple G would have fought when I was fighting, I would’ve beat him and then guess what! There’s going to be an excuse. Now it’s time for me to go to 168.

Mayweather then took shots at his critics & haters who always have something to say about him:

“So, you know, when people get to saying, ‘F–k Floyd! I don’t like Floyd! He’s a woman beater! He can’t read,’ find out if you still got to work, if you still got to punch a clock, because I can kick my feet up and travel the world every day and I didn’t rob, steal, or kill nobody to get to where I got to.”

While you guys are saying, ‘I hate Floyd Mayweather! F–k Floyd Mayweather! I don’t like Floyd Mayweather,’ at the end of the day, every month, I get a seven-figure check and I’m very comfortable and I’m happy with that. It’s not bragging, not boasting; I’m happy because I went out there and earned it the hard way.

Game. Set. Match!

H/T – BoxingScene