Manziel Domestic Violence Investigation Is Taking So Long Because Lead Detective Also Has to Work Patrol

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Today in “Are You F#%&ing Kidding Me?” is this sweet little update on the Johnny Manziel domestic violence investigation, in which we learn that the reason it’s taking so damn long is that the lead detective in the case had to take a break from detecting to—are you ready for this?—work patrol duty.


The Dallas police department has this program where detectives do two-week stints as regular old patrol officers in an effort to cut down on police response times. So while Colleen Crowley and her family have been waiting on pins and needles to find out if the man they say beat, kidnapped, and threatened to kill her is going to be charged with anything, the lead detective in the investigation has been serving as a beat cop.

This patrol program was instituted by Dallas police Chief David Brown. Not surprisingly, the Dallas Police Association thinks it’s really, really stupid.

“The department is in chaos,” said DPA president Ron Pinkston. Instead of focusing all his attention on his high-profile domestic violence case, he says the lead investigator has been trying to juggle patrol and detective work.

But of course, it’s not just high-profile cases that are suffering. If anything the low-profile cases are worse off.

“A normal case wouldn’t get that type of priority and a complainant would have to sit for two weeks to get any movement,” Pinkston said.

The good news? According to KXAS NBC Dallas, a decision on whether or not to charge Johnny Manziel could finally come today. So stay tuned.

Hat Tip – [Dallas Morning News]

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