The McGregor-Diaz Press Conference Was Full of World Class Trash Talk (Videos)

mcgregor-diaz press conference

As dominant as UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor was against Jose Aldo in the octagon, he was even more dominant in front of microphones, verbally tearing the guy limb from limb at the various pre-fight press conferences.

Of course, McGregor had an unfair advantage at the press conferences. The guy is native English speaker. And, more than that, he’s an Irishman with the gift of gab. Jose Aldo is from Brazil, and his English is not so good.

The same could be said of Rafael dos Anjos, the UFC lightweight champ McGregor was supposed to fight at UFC 196. He’s also from Brazil, and thus was no match for McGregor when it came to the war of words.

Fortunately, when dos Anjos announced that he had to withdraw from his March 5 fight against McGregor, the UFC got Nate Diaz to step up and take his place. And Nate Diaz is a native English speaker who can actually stand up to McGregor’s blistering trash talk. So yesterday’s UFC 196 press conference? It was a lot more entertaining than the one-sided blowouts we’ve seen recently.

Here’s Diaz saying “everybody” in UFC is on ‘roids:

Here’s McGregor firing back and calling Diaz a balloon-animal-making gang banger:

And here’s a “best of” compilation of the entire presser:

I don’t know how Diaz will fare against McGregor in the octagon, but at least he gave him all he could handle at the microphone.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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