Photo: Steph Curry Three-Pointer Puts Heat Fan Through Agony

heat fan

This is a fun photo because it not only shows the fear that Steph Curry instills in opposing fans, but also offers a fun stereotypical look at what a Heat fan looks like. Oily, tan arms? Johnny Depp-like bracelet? Check and check.

Okay. We could make fun of Heat fans all day. The real star of this show is Steph Curry. I’m sure ridiculous Knicks, Celtics and Laker fans would all have the same reaction that this Zac Efron stunt double did.

Here’s the oroginal Tweet:

Here’s a close-up of the fan:

And to see how the play turns out (spoiler alert: He makes it. He always makes it), check the video out right here.

Turns out that silly fan was right to look so terrified.

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