Tom Brady Definitely Didn’t Look Like a Hero at the 2000 Combine (Video)

tom brady combine

It’s weird to see a young, goofy Tom Brady. Since he took the field, it seems, he’s been the leader of what many might say is the most dominant dynasty in NFL history. But, at one point, he was Tom Brady of Michigan, a college QB prospect looking to get drafted.

And even with the power of hindsight, it’s hard to see how he got from A to B, especially considering this combine video that sort of makes him look like a newborn deer as he moves around.

Take a look:

You gotta penalize him half a round just for that haircut. And is he working out in khaki shorts? It’s a small miracle he doesn’t have frosted tips and a pager in these clips.

Congrats on growing up, Mr. Brady!

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