The Yoenis Cespedes Spring Training Car Parade Continues…

lambo spring

After showing up in a pimped-out truck on Monday, then a reverse bat-cycle thing on Tuesday, word got out that Yoenis Cespedes, who recently signed an extension worth $75 million, would be taking a different car to spring training every day that week. It’s an unorthodox investment strategy, and one I’m sure his financial planner is scratching his head about.

Well, yesterday was Wednesday, and Cespedes not only rolled up in a black and blue Lamborghini, but he also sent a staffer away in it to go pick up a waffle iron. Don’t say he isn’t taking spring training seriously:

Then, Thursday rolled around…

That’s an Alfa Romeo, folks. Not at the top of anyone’s list, but if you’re trying to leave people guessing as to what car you’ll roll up in next, I would say an Alfa Romeo is a pretty strong change-up.

Tomorrow’s Friday and the last day of the parade. Any guesses?

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