Colin Kaepernick Requests Trade, But Apparently Nobody Told Chip Kelly

colin kaepernick requests trade

According to the NFL Network and ESPN’s Adam Caplan, Colin Kaepernick and his agents have asked the San Francisco 49ers for permission to seek a trade.

Of course, this news would have made perfect sense thee months ago, after Kaepernick got benched in favor of Blaine Gabbert, and his relationship with the team became strained. However, after the Niners hired Chip Kelly as their new head coach, it seemed like maybe they’d try to work things out with Kaepernick, seeing as how, on paper, he’s such a good fit for Chip Kelly’s fast-paced offense.

But no. Apparently Kaepernick still is not convinced he’s going to get a fair shake with the 49ers. So he wants out. Allegedly.

If the reports are true, the 49ers probably aren’t too disappointed. Kaepernick is coming off surgeries on his shoulder, thumb, and knee, and on April 1 his $11.9 million salary for 2016 becomes guaranteed. If they’re not totally sure he’ll be healthy and productive, they’d probably rather not take the cap hit.

All this is news to Chip Kelly, though. He spoke to the media on Thursday and was like, no, dudes, Colin is totally pumped to work with me!

“He’s seemed excited every time I’ve talked to him,” Kelly said. “I’ve also learned to not believe everything that’s on the Internet. There’s a reason he was on IR. I mean, there was something wrong with him.”

He then went on to pump Kaepernick’s tires a bit.

“Kap’s really good,” Kelly said. “I mean, he had the ball on the 5-yard line [about] … to win a Super Bowl. You can just look at the tape to see how talented he is. You know, our job is acquiring talent, not getting rid of talent.”

Time will tell whether this is enough to change Kaepernick’s mind.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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