Internet Reacts to Glenn “Baby Gronk” Gronkowski’s Dad Body at NFL Combine (Tweets)

Glenn Gronkowski

Today it was the running backs’ turn to showcase their abilities at the NFL combine in Indianapolis.  Top prospects Derrick Henry and Ezekiel Elliott impressed with their workouts, further cementing themselves as the cream of this year’s running back crop.

And then there was Kansas State fullback Glenn Gronkowski, a.k.a. “Baby Gronk,” a.k.a. the youngest of the five Gronkowski brothers.  Glenn’s combine performance wasn’t bad.  But it wasn’t impressive either.

Also not impressive?  Baby Gronk’s dad body.

Word has it that Glenn skipped the Gronk Party Cruise so that he could get ready for the combine.  And from the looks of it, “getting ready for the combine” meant sitting on the couch eating potato chips, pounding back some Buds, and catching up on the latest season of The Walking Dead.

I’m not the only one who noticed.  Check out the internet’s reaction to Baby Gronk’s physique:

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