RGIII Remembers Better Times via Twitter’s #TBT (Pic)


It’s all but official that the Redskins and Robert Griffin III are going to part ways at the first available opportunity. It’s no huge surprise, as Kirk Cousins has squarely earned the starting job and RGIII lost his biggest supporter in owner Dan Snyder. So onward and upward for the Heisman winner.

He’ll likely find a new team, but have to earn a starting gig there. But in the interim, he’s getting a little nostalgic, looking back on the good times, before his knees were applesauce and his mere existence polarized a fan base:

Hopefully, he’ll get a few more snaps with a new team, and a chance to earn some redemption after the past few years of strife in DC.

And it’s pretty funny because “No pressure, no diamonds” is exactly what I’d expect to see on an Instagram post of The Rock lifting weights.

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