Savage Oregon Lacrosse Player Repeatedly Bashes Opponent in the Head with Her Stick (Video)

savage oregon lacrosse player repeatedly bashes opponent in the head

Did you know women’s lacrosse has goons? Because they do!

Check out this video. It shows Oregon lacrosse player Jackie Moccia intentionally smashing Detroit Mercy’s Lexie Kinmond in the face three times during a single game on February 21. It first shows all three shots in normal wide angle. Then it zooms in and shows them again.

Take a look:

Detroit Mercy coach Laura Maness? She’s out for blood, man.

After Deadspin ran this video yesterday evening, Maness wrote them an email ripping Oregon and the Mountain Pacific Sports Conference and basically saying Detroit Mercy released the video to shame them:

The refs missed all of these cheap shots as they happened off ball, but early in the game she was issued a yellow card for another hard foul. Her behavior escalated throughout the game. Oregon athletic department, the Mountain Pacific Sports Conference, and the Officiating assignor have all had access to the video footage afterwards as we wanted to bring them in the loop of what had happened, and we were seeking discipline action to be taken. At no point did anyone involve ask me about the well being of my student athlete. When she got off with a 1 game suspension for what was 3 separate ejectable offenses we decided it would be best to share the video on social media to bring to light the importance of safe play, and to try to preserve the integrity of the game that we love.

Your move, Oregon women’s lacrosse.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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