Tony Romo’s Fantasy Football Company Is Suing the NFL and Wants to Depose Roger Goodell

tony romo's fantasy football company

Tony Romo‘s fantasy football company is suing the NFL, and their lawyers want to depose NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Last year the NFL forced Romo and his business partners to cancel the National Fantasy Football Conference at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas because it is attached to the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. They accomplished this by warning NFL players scheduled to participate that, by doing so, they would be violating the league’s policy about players attending events at gambling venues.

Of course, saying that a conference center attached to a casino is a “gambling venue” is like saying an office above a restaurant is a restaurant. So naturally, the NFFC’s $1 million lawsuit argues that the league’s rules are too broad and vague.

The best part about all this whole thing, however, is that the NFFC wants to depose Roger Goodell. According to their lawyer, they want to hear “from the very person solely in charge of enforcing the gambling policy” and ask him “why the NFL has taken inconsistent positions in the past.”

It’s pretty obvious what the NFFC thinks the answer is. They think the NFL shut down the conference because they don’t want somebody else making money they think they could be making themselves. And that’s probably true.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next week to find out if Tony Romo’s company will get to depose Roger Goodell. On Monday there is a court hearing in Dallas that will decide on the motion to dismiss the NFFC’s lawsuit. If the court does not dismiss it, it will then decide whether or not the NFFC’s lawyers can question Goodell.

Hopefully they will get to question him eventually. Who doesn’t want to see Roger Goodell exposed as a scheming prick?

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