Yoenis Cespedes’ Friday Spring Training Car Is…This Jeep (Video)

jeep cespedes

After showing up in a lifted truck, a three-wheel…something, a Lamborghini Aventador, and an Alfa Romeo on Monday through Thursday, Yoenis Cespedes decided to close out his Week of Many Cars with…a Jeep.

It’s a cool Jeep, but kind of disappointing. I guess anything that wasn’t a spaceship with strobe lights would seem like a weak ending to this exercise. I can only imagine that the headlights on the front of this thing were cut to look like eyes, which is pretty cool. But it’s still a Jeep.

The video below says it’s an $80,000 Jeep Avorza. That’ pretty interesting, I guess, but it should really be on tank treads or something. Here’s the video of his entrance:

Here’s to hoping he keeps this going next week. He’s gotta be addicted to the attention by now.

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