Steph Curry Says Criticism From Retired Players On Current Stars Is ‘Annoying’ (Audio)


Stephen Curry and younger people like him are sick & tired of the old school players going out of their way to criticize & bash every current star now and compare it to when they played. The ‘When I played, it was tougher & you wouldn’t last back then‘ crowd are relentless & exhausting. We get it, you’re old & your bones hurt when you breathe & you’re mad at the world.

NBA legend Oscar Robertson had this to say earlier in the week:

“I just don’t think coaches today in basketball understand the game of basketball,” Robertson said. “They don’t know anything about defenses. They don’t know what people are doing on the court. [Curry] has shot well because of what’s going on in basketball today.

” . . . When I played years ago, if you shot a shot outside and hit it, the next time I’m going to be up on top of you. I’m going to pressure you with three-quarters, half-court defense. But now they don’t do that. These coaches do not understand the game of basketball, as far as I’m concerned.”

Cedric Ceballos had this to say:

“Steph Curry, unbelievable shooter, but [Kevin Johnson] was a point guard’s nightmare because he was so strong and he loved going to the basket,” Ceballos told Fox Sports Radio, explaining why he believed his Suns team — which included Charles Barkley, Dan Majerle, Danny Ainge and Tom Chambers — could beat these Warriors in a playoff series.

“That’s one thing these teams don’t do: they do not expose Steph and the way he plays defense. I don’t think we would have a problem with this Golden State team.”

Golden State Warriors G Stephen Curry has finally responded:

“It’s starting to get a little annoying just because it’s kind of unwarranted from across the board,” Curry said on the “Warriors Plus/Minus” podcast by the Bay Area News Group on Friday. “We have a very competent group, and we have fun when we’re out there on the floor, and it shows, obviously.

“We enjoy what we do. But for the most part, you don’t hear us talking about, you know, comparing ourselves to other great teams and ‘We could beat this team, we’re better than this team.’ We’re living in the moment.”

Most of what you hear is how defense was way better and tougher. I’ll give them tougher, but better, the numbers don’t say that. Damn near every team in the league during the 80’s scored well above 100 PPG. Today’s game, you’ll see only half the teams doing that in a league that has absolutely fell in love with shooting 3’s.


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