Andre Drummond Brings Adorable Kid to Sit on Pistons Bench…During Game (Video)

andre drummond cute kid pistons bench during game

If you’re playing an NBA basketball game and a player on the opposing team brings an adorable little kid onto their bench to keep himself entertained, chances are you are losing pretty badly.

Such was the case on Sunday for the Toronto Raptors. Just two days after what seemed like a season-defining win over the Cleveland Cavaliers, they got absolutely destroyed by a mediocre Detroit Pistons team, trailing by as much as 20 points late in the fourth quarter. And, as if to add absolutely adorable insult to injury, Pistons star Andre Drummond lifted up a cute curly haired kid and sat him down next to him on the bench for a little chat. While the game was still going on.

Take a look:

It’s probably going to be a few years before this kid has any idea how insanely awesome that was. Luckily the internet is here to document it for him. If that had happened to me as a kid, nobody would believe me because there was like one TV camera and one reporter at every game, and nobody even had cell phones, let alone smart phones.

As for Andre Drummond, well, he was already pretty popular with Pistons fans. But this is going to make him even more popular, because that sh*t is just too cute.

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