Carmelo Anthony Is Not Happy He Heard “Let’s Go Heat” Chants At Home Game


The New York Knicks are a horrible 25-36 on the season and it’s looking like yet another year out of the playoffs once again. Knicks pretty much playing for pride at this point of the season. Last thing you want to hear when playing a rival is their fans chanting at a home game where your fans should be the loudest.

That is exactly what Carmelo Anthony and the rest of the Knicks heard on Sunday when facing the Miami Heat as Heat fans started a loud “LET’S GO HEAT” Chant at the Garden.

Needless to say, Carmelo Anthony was not happy about it after the game and had this to say:

It was loud, it was unmistakable and it certainly got Carmelo Anthony’s attention.

How could you not hear it?” he said.

Those three words — “Let’s go Heat!” — probably didn’t sit well with New York Knicks owner James Dolan. And they definitely didn’t sit well with Anthony.

You’re home, you don’t want to hear that,” Anthony said. “I’m assuming they were all Miami Heat fans. I want to believe that. I want to think that. I don’t want to think it was New York Knicks fans. I was surprised. I was surprised, very surprised.

Melo is not happy about the chants, Knicks fan not happy about another losing season.

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