Knicks Fans Start Cheering For Heat 30 Seconds into Game at MSG (Video)

Knicks chant

If you have to pick a fanbase that is due to turn on their team this season (or any season, really), then the Knicks are a very safe, sure bet.

The team is, once again, underachieving, despite promise in rookie Kristaps Porzingis. And just a few seconds into Sunday’s matchup against the Heat, the Knicks fans at MSG broke into a chant cheering on the team’s Florida rivals.

If this were to happen to any other team, it would likely cause an internal crisis, but the Knicks have been dealing with stuff like this for over 20 years, it seems. So no biggie.

I’d like to say the Knicks shrugged it off and won. I really would. But they lost by 17 to the shorthanded Heat.

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