Raccoon Terrorizes Yankees Spring Training, Falls from Top of Backstop, Survives (Pics + GIF)

yankees racoon 1

A baseball-loving raccoon invaded the New York Yankees spring training facility outside Tampa on Sunday.

Was the raccoon released into the stadium by a Red Sox fan in hopes that it would bite A-Rod in the ass? I’d like to think so but, realistically, probably not. However, the raccoon was surly, and it did cause quite a disturbance, scaling the safety netting behind home plate like a miniature, possibly rabid King Kong. And that forced a stadium employee to go up on a boom lift and poke the raccoon off the netting with a stick.

It was also pretty entertaining to watch this story unfold on Twitter:

Normally I’d side with a Major League Baseball team over a vicious raccoon because, dammit, I’m sick of those little rodents living under my porch.

However, in the case of Vicious Raccoon vs. The New York Yankees, I’m #TeamRaccoon all the way.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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